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Sales reps who monitor their opportunities are more motivated and likely to increase sales by more than 20%?

Motivate your team through self-management. GoalManager shows you your KPIs so you know where to focus efforts and if you’ll achieve your goals on time.

Work with a proactive team

Self-management is key to motivating your team to overcome challenges and sell more. With GoalManager your reps will be able to set their own goals.

Define clear and important actions
for your business

Lead the way by assigning goals to your team and make sure your sales strategy is properly implemented in the field.

Detect points for improvement

Configure custom goals so you don’t have to limit your sales strategy to standard sales indicators.

all goals

Large teams understand the importance of all sales data being easily accessible. GoalManager centralizes all KPI information to adapt to the needs of your team, no matter the size.

GoalManager integrates
with your system

To best match your needs and personalize your experience, anything you deem relevant can be converted into a goal thanks to our API.

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